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  • A Strange Place

    Where's the strangest place that you've met a lady/man to have a one night stand with? Mine was at a wake of a relative that I haven't really met. She was the receptionist of the funeral home where the wake was held.

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    It was during a beach clean up drive. He was I think drunk and slept at the beach sand. I was the one who helped him and let him stay at my place for a night.


    • Twiggy
      Twiggy commented
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      I guess he was really that good looking considering that you let him sleep at your place.

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    It may not be a strange place but for me, it is a strange place, a sex club. I am not fond of going to places and meeting new people in that place.


    • HeyMan
      HeyMan commented
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      I would actually be surprised if you were not able to find a guy to do it with in a sex club.

    • Jasmine45
      Jasmine45 commented
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      Were there people watching you doing it or you went to a secluded part of the bar?

    • OnlyChristina
      OnlyChristina commented
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      Do you just go by yourself or do you bring a couple of your friends with you?

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    Is the police station included? I met this policeman who is really hot and I got off the jail because I flirted him and ended up having sex at his place.


    • BigPoppa
      BigPoppa commented
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      That is crazy lady. Are you a criminal? who got off in jail because you flirted with a cop. This is fuck up lol.

    • AlysaBBy
      AlysaBBy commented
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      Was expecting that the two of you did it on one of the cells or interrogation rooms lol.

    • Fenny56
      Fenny56 commented
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      BigPoppa Maybe she is crook for being in the pants of the police officers.

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    On the streets at night. The girl was sleeping on the side of the road and when I came to help her, she started kissing me.


    • NotAlone
      NotAlone commented
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      Maybe that girl is drunk lol, What's her breath smells like? Kissing a girl that you've known in the street is unsanitary.

    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      Was she just drunk or a street bum? And the two of you were quite lucky since you weren't caught doing it.

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    It was in the morgue and the man was a diener responsible for handling and moving corpses. It was the scariest hookup of my life LMFAO. I respect the dead but I can resist being with him so after his work we did it but the night turn out creepy when he started talking about the dead. It became talking dead.


    • JustLikeU
      JustLikeU commented
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      I just hope that you guys did it either at his place or yours. Because it would be really creepy if you did it at the morgue itself lol.

    • Jade110
      Jade110 commented
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      Was he good looking enough that's why you ignored the fact that he was working at a morgue?

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    I think the fucking internet is the strangest place I've met someone and there's nothing else.


    • ItsyBetsy
      ItsyBetsy commented
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      It could also be a strange person because a lot of them are fakes.

    • Gracia3
      Gracia3 commented
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      And how many guys have you met online that you're able to sleep with?

    • Freeza12
      Freeza12 commented
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      You can also include dating apps and video chats where you can meet potential partners.

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    I met him on one of the nerd conferences of Star Wars I've been through and he's costume was a Darth Vader and he was very funny that's why I ended up having a one night stand with him.


    • JairaTR
      JairaTR commented
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      It would be funny if he's still wearing the darth vader mask when you did it together.

    • Franzem67
      Franzem67 commented
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      Was he wearing the Darth Vader costume while he was fucking you?

    • habbit98
      habbit98 commented
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      Lucky you meet and had sex with Darth Vader. I was hoping that I'll have one it too with someone who dresses up as Princess Leia.

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    It was in a home improvement shop where I asked the guy to help me out with the tools I need and invited him over a coffee and the last thing we did was making out in my place where I can inspect his tools.


    • Celine123
      Celine123 commented
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      Did those tools come in handy I mean the tools that you bought on the shop?

    • Amyyy34
      Amyyy34 commented
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      Are you sure that you only inspected his "tools" and never used them?

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    HypoLuxe did you end up hooking with her that same day or it was a couple of days after you've attended that wake?


    • Locrea4
      Locrea4 commented
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      If she was really hot, I bet he tried his best to do it with her the same day.

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    It was during a long bus ride and luckily we're both going get off at the same station. We decided to have a quickie at the restroom during once we arrived at the station.


    • Jhannnna
      Jhannnna commented
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      Looks like the two of you had the hots for each other that's why you decided to do it with him immediately.

    • Freeza12
      Freeza12 commented
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      Was that the only time that the two of you hooked up or you did it again a couple of days after?

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    It was at the gas station where I asked him for change and he was good looking and asked where he's travelling and if he's new in town. Luckily got his number and asked me to hang out with him later at a near pub, went there and ended up in a motel together.


    • Manthara34
      Manthara34 commented
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      This one is classic and I bet the man is new in town and how was the one night stand? Anything good?