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  • Problems Anyone?

    Can you guys give hookups or one-night stand problems? For me, I have to masturbate after the sex because he couldn't manage to give me an orgasm.

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    I had a one night stand before, he was tall and a muscular but he has a small dick and I don't know any sex position for small dicks.


    • Fenny56
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      BustyBasia Is he your first guy that has a small dick?

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    Well doing it without any protection and ending up either having STD or pregnant is the first thing that popped in my head lol


    • LazieDaizy
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      You said what is on my mind, I guess that is the worst case scenario.

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    Most of the common ones that I encountered were passing out in the middle of sex, too drunk to get an erection, and cumming early


    • Shafted
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      I can't handle those three, it's the most annoying problems.

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    If the guy is too drunk, then there is a chance that I wouldn't enjoy it since he might end up being too drunk to fuck or it would take him forever to cum
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    • ClitEastwood
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      So that's true, I thought alcohol can boost their libido. lol

    • Addicted
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      There is a fine line between power dick and whiskey dick. One drink can make the difference. You have to plan ahead. The worst is when you don't expect to fuck so you get a little more drunk than you'd hoped and then she wants the D. Oooooh. Yeah. About that. Sorry. Not tonight.

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    I had a one-night stand before but my problem is I can't remember anything. It was a shame because he is the hottest guy I bedded.


    • WackSparrow
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      Do you easily have blackouts every time that you go out drinking?

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    Have you seen the movie Knocked Up? That's one major problem from a hookup


    • Lorane12
      Lorane12 commented
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      Did something similar happened to you or someone that you know?

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    Twiggy Did he at least take you to a nice restaurant? Show me a guy who can't make a woman cum and I'll show you a guy who either can't pay attention, or who isn't trying, or both. I'm suggesting it's easy, but it takes consistent persistence.


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      Really? Did it happen to you only once? or sometimes. I haven't met someone who is like that.


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        That is so weird for me. What are the other weird things he got?