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Sex with ZERO chemistry

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  • Sex with ZERO chemistry

    Last edited by HypoLuxe; 07-25-2019, 07:57 AM.

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    I always get attracted to my hook-ups or dates. Of course I would never go out with someone because I pity them. I would never go out with someone I'm not totally attracted to. It's just a waste of time!


    • NarniaStark
      NarniaStark commented
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      Twiggy It won't be a waste of time if you had fun tho!

    • HGDF745
      HGDF745 commented
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      Twiggy waste of time? So mean you did not enjoy it while with them?

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    It happened to me TWICE! One was with a guy who doesn't look really attractive but our taste of music is what made us jive. We enjoyed having rough sex over heavy metal music. The other was a student, he asked me out for coffee then we hit the bar and ended up underneath the sheets. He is not really my type but because he was too nice, I decided to return the favor.


    • LazieDaizy
      LazieDaizy commented
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      You sure did had a lot of fun tho, Shafted!

    • notpickygirl
      notpickygirl commented
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      Are you looking forward to have the third man with zero chemistry to have sex with you?

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    Yes. He had an attractive body but the only thing that was missing was an attractive face. Well, I still got to enjoy his pounding, though. lol.


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      No. I only had sex with the men who I got attracted to. There would be no sense hooking up with the men whom you do not like as you would not enjoy it.


      • NotAlone
        NotAlone commented
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        You may not enjoy it that much but there are still the sensations. So, somehow, you would still have a little enjoyment.

      • More2This
        More2This commented
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        NotAlone While the physical sensations would be there, there would be no emotional happiness.

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      If you're horny enough, you would end up sleeping with anyone just for the sake of getting laid


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        I just hope that your guilt would eat you for a really long time. That's just a huge dick move coming from you


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          I've hooked up with a guy once because he was the only who's available at the time and I was really horny


          • Addicted
            Addicted commented
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            Any port in a storm!

          • Orlea32
            Orlea32 commented
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            Does his performance satisfy you?