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  • You Want Me To Do What?

    What was the strangest thing that happened to you or the other person during a hookup? My ex wanted to massage his taint while I was sucking his dick

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    Mine was the opposite. He wanted to eat my asshole but I didn't allow him to rim me


    • SpudMe
      SpudMe commented
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      But if it's clean then why don't you try it? It's really good actually.

    • Shafted
      Shafted commented
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      So you have never tried being rimmed before? I agree with @SpudMe.You mus try it. I am sure that you would gonna love it.

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    My date wanted me to suck his dick in public but I'm not that type who does that.


    • LazieDaizy
      LazieDaizy commented
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      But if you'd ever tried it without anyone looking at you, you'll probably enjoy it!

    • LeilaBee
      LeilaBee commented
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      Where in a public place exactly? If it was in a park, then let the bushes do their wonders. LOL.

    • Jade110
      Jade110 commented
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      It would be more strange if he wanted you to suck it while you're in the restaurant

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    She wanted to collect the table napkins I used and wanted a strand of my hair.


    • Jasmine45
      Jasmine45 commented
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      Maybe you should try and stop dating weird girls lol

    • More2This
      More2This commented
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      What was her purpose of collecting those used table napkins and a strand of your hair?

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    It was his birthday and he wanted me to sit on the cake while being naked. He said he wanted to eat me with the icings all around my holes.


    • ClitEastwood
      ClitEastwood commented
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      Did you do what he wanted?

    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      If he would lick you after sitting on the cake then it would be sticky but yummy.

    • Orlea32
      Orlea32 commented
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      That would be fun then, lucky you you had that kind of guy that will licked you.

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    I once dated a guy who was raised conservative and wanted us to have anal sex because he only wanted to have vaginal penetration with me once we're married. By the way, I told him I was still a virgin when we started dating and the naughtiest thing that I've done with a guy so far was handjobs and torrid kissing (I was lying about all of those things of course lol)


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      I found out really quickly that I'm not as much of a freak as I thought I was when I told a girl I met online that I was into "just about anything". I should have known. She showed up with a strap on. That was a big bag of NOPE! You want to stick that WHERE???


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        I have a one night stand with a mascular guy who wants me to sucked his cute dick. I mean his small dick.