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How to get away from him?

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  • How to get away from him?

    You had sex for the very last time with your boyfriend before you two would finally break up, but you are having a hard time to leave him because he is convincing you to stay. He is constantly begging you to stay but you have made your decision and it's final. What else can you do to get away from him?

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    First of all, why did you agree to have sex with him? Of course, it would bee hard for you to get away with him now because he will do anything to stop you from leaving him. It's not nice to see him begging for you to stay a little longer with him because you might consider not continuing the breakup with him.


    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      This is why when you break up with your boyfriend, you two should not agree with having sex even if it's the last one. He would do puppy eyes on you convincing you to not break up with him since you have agreed to have sex with him, it would only mean to him that you still find him irresistible.

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    Maybe you should give him another chance? Okay, I think he deserves it anyway, plus, he should promise you that this time, he shouldn't be doing things that will make you want to leave him for good.


    • lotsalove
      lotsalove commented
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      What could be the best reason for me to give him another chance? My decision is final, so, there's nothing else that he can say or do to make me stay.

    • Shafted
      Shafted commented
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      lotsalove but you initiated to have sex with him and even if it's the last time, I'm sure that this man can't get enough of you. So, this is partly your fault as well.

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    I'd tell him that I have found a new lover already which is why I have decided to leave him immediately and that would be our last sex. I hope he had fun with me during our sexy time since I had given him that one last chance.


    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      He will surely let go of you knowing that you only used him one last time and you've already found someone new to replace of him.

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    What if you tell him that you two can become friends with benefits or fuckbuddies even if the break up will still push through. I think he will get the idea and he will finally let you go.


    • NaughtyJill
      NaughtyJill commented
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      I'm not sure if that man would accept the fact that he will only be your fuck buddy just when you needed him. In fact, if he has a huge dick then why is there a need to get away from him?

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    Kick his groin where he breathes. Kidding! That's too much, I felt mine hurt for a second there LOL! You shouldn't had sex with him if you knew that he is not going to let you leave his place. Then again, if you wanted to go and he's holding you back then tell him that you're going to call for the police (?).


    • Fenny56
      Fenny56 commented
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      Dude, seriously? LOL, I think that she should not agreed with the sex and just told him straight to the point that she is breaking up with him already.

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    Walk away from him and act as if you cannot hear him pleading for you to come back. Just walk straight away from him and never return to his place. Since you two are already over.


    • HypoLuxe
      HypoLuxe commented
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      And what does she need to do if he ends up going to her place?

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    Tell him that it is really over between the two of you and tell him that you're not going to hesitate to call the authorities if he kept on insisting


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      For me let him do what he wants if he still chases after then let him
      just be patient because he will realize it for himself that he is just making
      a fool of himself and it will come naturally he will be the one to leave


      • AidenTR
        AidenTR commented
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        I agree with you but if he starts being pushy and harassing you
        it's time to take legal action go and report to your local police
        so that they can protect you catch him no kindness is worth the
        price of getting hurt

      • NotAlone
        NotAlone commented
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        So she should just remain miserable until he gives up on her?

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      Tell him that it's really over for the both of you and that there is nothing he can do to change your mind. And if he would continue to insist to take him back you might end up being forced into doing something more hurtful towards him


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        Leave the place. That is the most effective way to get away from him. If you are on the East Coast, then move to the West Coast and vice versa, or just leave and find a new place to stay.


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          Just ignore him. Time will come that he would stop. Men would stop at some point. Just give him a little time and before you know it, he has a new girlfriend already while you do not have a new boyfriend yet. Sometimes, life kicks us in the ass real hard. Lol.


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            Maybe I would ghost him, I will stop seeing him and I will cut all of our contacts.