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How To Move On?

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  • How To Move On?

    What advice can you give to a person that's been told by their recent ex that they're no longer attracted to you?

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    I'm sure that you're not talking about your looks regarding this one. Because only a dumb guy would think that you are not good looking.


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      Just start to move on and remove everything and anything that would remind you of him. And keep in mind that it is his lost and not yours.


      • Susanna23
        Susanna23 commented
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        I hope that you're not going to dispose of something which is expensive and it's best if you can just sell it.

      • ItsyBetsy
        ItsyBetsy commented
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        Susanna23 Of course I won't throw away things that are expensive lol

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      Have you thought of having some rebound sex with a guy that you've found online or at a bar? That's a sure fire way to make yourself feel good.


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        I'll say to him/her good and that means you won't be wasting your time anymore getting back to his/her life and do something called moving on.


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          I'll tell them that they need to find a person who finds them attractive and prove to their ex that somebody will still love you.


          • Freeza12
            Freeza12 commented
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            Will you ever try to hook them up with a friend of yours so you can help them get back on a new relationship?

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          I'll advise them to get that person out of their mind and start rebuilding. Find someone who is better than your ex and of course he/she should be more attractive and cute.


          • Paloma12
            Paloma12 commented
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            If you will actually find someone who is better and cuter then your ex will be nothing.

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          Why not find a rebound fuck buddy so that you would be more focus on doing it with them rather than be sad about the breakup.


          • More2This
            More2This commented
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            Will you really recommend them to do rebound sex so they can get over it?

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          It depends on how much you love the person. Because there might be some who's going to try and ask their partner why they felt that way. While others would immediately break up with them.


          • Deanne12
            Deanne12 commented
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            So which one are you? Are you the type who's going ask him about it or break up with them?

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          I think its time for them to move on and enjoy being single and if he/she likes we can get a drink together and talk about it.


          • Fenny56
            Fenny56 commented
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            I hope you won't tell him about your ex too or you might end up crying too lol.

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          I think I just need to keep reminding them what they're ex has told them so they can move on and hate them too.


          • grace34
            grace34 commented
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            So you will just keep on reminding them that they are unattractive which might damage their ego or worse.

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          I'm going to ask him the reason why he's not attracted to me. If it is something that I can work on then I might work on it. If not, then it was nice knowing him and I wish him luck in his life.


          • Sunitta08
            Sunitta08 commented
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            He might have told it so you will stop bothering him and maybe that's the reason why he said that.

          • HGDF745
            HGDF745 commented
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            Are you really going to try and make the relationship work? If I'm in the position and he tells me that I'm no longer attractive to him, I would end things with him asap.

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          If she's crying, then I'm going to tell her that he's not worth crying for and there are better guys out there who are more deserving to be with you.


          • Lorane12
            Lorane12 commented
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            And what advice are you going to give her if she's not crying? Are you just going to tell her that she deserves to be with someone who's better.

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          I will yell to him or her that its time to move on and we should have fun while they are single and we will fucking get drunk.


          • Gregaria28
            Gregaria28 commented
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            I hope you will not end up babysitting your broken-hearted friend since they will be so vulnerable getting drunk.