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He left without saying anything

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    If you didn't do something, then you deserved to have an explanation.


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      I know a lot of people being left suddenly and I know someone who did that. ( NOT ME) he said, the reason they did not say anything because they could not. they are not comfortable hurting the other person by being honest. they just leave but sometimes that is already closure. just move on and hook up with someone else. or better fall in love again.


      • Deanne12
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        or maybe that person is just a jack ass. that is a sore excuse of a looser to be honest

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      I think it became a norm for some relationships to not have proper closure. But if you were just hooking up? Like day dream. you are not supposed to demand. If he does not make a sound to you, then he found another booty call.


      • HGDF745
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        this is a sad reality of the world today. It seems like common courtesy has been burried down 6 ft below. People thinks walking away is just okay. they do not even bother to tell you why. Some has a little decency of messaging you it's over. Relationships are harder these days because of the new norm