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  • Recovery Tips

    What are some tips can you for a person who's having a hard time recovering from a break up?

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    I would suggest to remove every single thing that reminds you of your ex


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      Go and spend a few weeks going on a trip if you have the time and money. Otherwise just go on a weekend roadtrip


      • BustyBasia
        BustyBasia commented
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        Does she need to have a friend with her or it should be a solo trip?

      • NarniaStark
        NarniaStark commented
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        If she can travel alone, the better.

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      Try and throw a crazy party with your friends in the hope that you can find a guy to hookup with


      • BigPoppa
        BigPoppa commented
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        Are you really able to find a guy to hookup with during one of those parties?

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      Eat ice cream and chocolates and watch funny movies on Netflix.


      • LeilaBee
        LeilaBee commented
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        That's how you moved on?

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      Do things that can help you forget about him.


      • BullNdieHeather
        BullNdieHeather commented
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        That's why she's asking us for tips since she doesn't know how

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      It takes one day at a time, so I suggest to do all the things that were suggested and try to mix them up


      • Fenny56
        Fenny56 commented
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        Can you give just one advice though?

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      Just go to your favorite bar and drink all your sorrows away.


      • fineass12
        fineass12 commented
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        I don't this advice will work. lol

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      Try to spend time with your family, with the people who love you because they will help you realize that you are love.