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  • How to break up?

    I have this girl. She is nice and beautiful. We dated several times. After four weeks, our dates were transformed into a relationship. She shows to me how she loves me. But actually, I do not feel any romantic love towards her. How would I break up with her without breaking her heart? I do not want to continue the relationship anymore.

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    Sometimes, just being honest can save you a lot of time and effort. At least consider this


    • BullNdieHeather
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      While it is true that being honest is one of the nicest virtues that everyone should have, how can he say the break up to his girl without hurting her? Would it be painful for her just to hear that he does not really love her?

    • notpickygirl
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      It's like ripping off a band-aid or waxing— it will hurt for a while but at least it's done.
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    Are you sure that she said that she loves you? If that's it, that girl might be a little crazy. You only just met


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      Just admit that you only wanted to have sex with her that's why you dated her lol

      Maybe next time tell the girl what you're after immediately rather than date her and hurt her in the long run


      • Shafted
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        Lol. That could be done. But how is he going to tell that to her? Would he just blurt it out in a straight forward way? I was thinking that he would say, "Guess what? I only dated you because I just want to have sex with you."

      • Jade110
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        In some culture, this is considered a dick move. But I like the part where it's taken care of.

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      How about make a scene? Like how about asking a lady friend to pretend that you are both together then make sure that she sees you together doing something unforgivable. In that way, she would dump you right there and then. And voila, your problem would disappear like a magic.


      • LazieDaizy
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        Jade110 It could be considered as it is a viable way to solve this problem. Should it happen to me, well, at least I had known his true color early on.

      • DorothyStyles
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        You have a good advice there. Is this something that happened with you in the past? It looks like you had a similar experience.

      • LeilaBee
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        lol. I know that this would work. Just give convincing acting then he would be out of his relationship.

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      Why not just be a total jerk towards her and ghost her so that there's no chance in hell that she will take you back in case you change your mind