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  • To keep or not to keep?

    Just a random thought: Is there a thing that you still have that was given to you by an ex?
    Mine is a Star Wars collectible. She did not take it back, and why should I give it back? She does not know Star Wars anyway, lol!

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    I keep at least one shirt from each of the guys I've dated, but sadly just had two hoodies. Most of them are baggy shirts and I rarely wear them at home.


    • Gregaria28
      Gregaria28 commented
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      Didn't they ask you where'd their favorite shirts go? Lol, this is why I don't let girls steal any of my hoodies or shirts. I might as well end up being naked most of the time. Lol!

    • Drenna63
      Drenna63 commented
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      Gregaria28 But you are already naked on your profile photo. How I wish I could see you live and naked while chatting with you.

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    My ex bought me three pairs of shoes, and I still have them. I even thought about selling them, then I thought, hey, I guess I don't need to shop for new shoes. Since two of them are sneakers and the other was a pair of stilettos that I barely use. (Only for formal occasions)


    • boredassTRS
      boredassTRS commented
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      It would be hilarious if your ex tried to claim the pair of stilettos back. Will he ever give it to his new gf? I guess he's just going to wear it lol!

    • Jhannnna
      Jhannnna commented
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      I guess that you do not work in an office setting. Because if you were, then you would be using that stiletto.

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    BigPoppa The gift was already given to you. It would be silly to take it back when the relationship is over. Gifts should remain as gifts; no returning back.


    • SpudMe
      SpudMe commented
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      Some couples I know are giving all the things back to their exes. I wonder why they even do that? Or maybe the other would say, 'Hey I want to have ___ back!". It's dumb, really.

    • grace34
      grace34 commented
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      Right. Absolutely right. Once given to someone, you should never ever take it back anymore. It would not be nice to ask for those things back.

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    I saw this one and I had hard laughs. After the break up, the conversation was like:
    Woman: Give me back everything that I gave you!
    Man: Sure! As long as you give me back my cum!


    • habbit98
      habbit98 commented
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      LMAO! That's crazy! Imagine if two of them were in public and they're arguing like that, I wouldn't just burst out laughing with the crowd as well.

    • Orlea32
      Orlea32 commented
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      I am sure that the woman was not able to return all those cum. Poor woman. lol.

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    The only thing(s) I would seriously consider giving back was if at one point the relationship was very serious and she gave me a family heirloom of sorts that was personal value. Otherwise, I'd keep it. As bolder11 said, a gift is a gift.


    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      Yes, something that has sentimental value must be considered giving it back. Especially a family heirloom, even if it's a small piece of jewelry.

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    So what's that Star Wars collectible are we talking about here and how expensive was it?


    • Manthara34
      Manthara34 commented
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      Maybe those action figures or an actual lightsaber. Well, the price varies on which lightsabers you're going to purchase. If it's a blue lightsaber (Luke Skywalker's) it costs $42, the green lightsaber (Yoda's) is almost $60, and the red one is Darth Vader's lightsaber that costs around $67. I just listed it out for you from Amazon, just in case you wanted to purchase one LazieDaizy.

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    Had a couple of shirts that were given to me by my exes. There was even a time that an ex wanted to have a shirt that was given to me by another ex


    • Marian45
      Marian45 commented
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      Why would that ex wanted to have the shirt that was given by an another ex? Any reason for that?

    • BullNdieHeather
      BullNdieHeather commented
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      Marian45 maybe the ex didn't know that shirt was given to him by another ex

      HypoLuxe and did you give her the shirt or not?

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    It was a teddy bear. A big stuffed toy. I have been keeping it in my room at my parent's house. Of course, I do not live there anymore. Why did I keep it? It is because it had a sentimental value. That toy was a gift to me by my first boyfriend in way back in high school. Should it be thrown away anytime soon? After I get married, that would have to go.


    • Kimmy13
      Kimmy13 commented
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      WackSparrow If you're going to ask me, I wouldn't. Well, I used to have a huge teddy bear and my first boyfriend gave it to me. When we broke up, I gave it away to my dearest cousin. It's better to give it to someone you know and for sure, it will be in good hands.

    • Franzem67
      Franzem67 commented
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      After the breakup, all gifts would have to be thrown away so that I would not be able to remember them whenever I see the gifts that they had given to me.

    • Sunitta08
      Sunitta08 commented
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      WackSparrow I would not freak out and I am more happy if that teddy bear gets donated to a good keeper