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    Should older people, say more than 50 years of age, use multiple dating sites and apps simultaneously to catch up with the hookup culture? The more sites and apps that they use, the higher the chance that they could find those other people who are also looking for some love and lust. What are your opinions on this?

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    In my opinion, I think that they should be using more dating sites and apps in order to find more people to date. As we can see, they are getting older, so they must catch up with the time. If they want to have more dates, using high numbers of those platforms is highly advisable. The next question would be: Would they be able to handle huge volumes of dates?


    • Lomma89
      Lomma89 commented
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      I think I should answer that part when you asked if they would be able to handle huge volumes of potential dates, YES! They would only have to choose the best among the rest and if nothing works out well, he or she should try it again by choosing other people. No need to rush things, I bet that they are not running out of people or time, just go with it and enjoy every moment of it.

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    I think those people who have multiple dating apps really want to find someone to date as soon as possible. Maybe they have been single for too long already and they already want to be in a relationship.


    • Orlea32
      Orlea32 commented
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      It's okay for them to have those multiple dating apps and sites just as long as they are single and ready to mingle. Yes, they are hoping to find love or nothing serious at all, but I hope that they could have successful hookups from those dating apps.

    • Locrea4
      Locrea4 commented
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      Obviously, that is one of the most common reasons why people need to have more apps. But those apps should be used frequently so that you would be able to find more people to date.

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    I think people of all ages can use dating apps whether they are 50 years old or maybe older. There's no law saying that they can't use multiple dating apps, anyway.


    • Paloma12
      Paloma12 commented
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      Of course, there is no law prohibiting us from using those apps. But what the poster asked was specifically for the older people.

    • NarniaStark
      NarniaStark commented
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      No one limits us to use as many apps. As long as we could maintain using them with our profiles updated then we could go on. Older people should not be exempted.

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    If having many dating sites and apps would make those old people happy, then we should just let them do that. It's their life so they can control and live it in any way that they like.


    • boredassTRS
      boredassTRS commented
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      Yes! Absolutely. Hey, they are becoming older so it is their time to catch up with life while they still can. You won't be able to hook up when you are on the care centers, right?

    • BustyBasia
      BustyBasia commented
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      Absolutely, they could do those things. Nobody prevents them from having those apps to be used.

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    They are never too old for those dating apps, I wish them luck that they may find what they are looking for. I'd support them for whatever makes them happy, happy hunting!


    • Deanne12
      Deanne12 commented
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      Those men are sure optimistic in the hope of looking for potential dates. Think about it, they've downloaded a bunch of dating apps and you'd be surprised if you see him on those three datings apps or sites, then he must have a serious date game on, lol!

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    Aren't they too old for those dating apps? Oh, wait, are they plan to have those sugar dating? Then I guess it would be okay? As long as they would make arrangements with those sugar babies then they are good to go!


    • ItsyBetsy
      ItsyBetsy commented
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      I guess that they're aiming for that too? I mean, they might even think that a way to get a date's attention is to offer monetary compensation, therefore, ladies would love to date them as long as it would be arranged as a sugar dating. It is okay, no one is too old for hookups and dating anyway!

    • Franzem67
      Franzem67 commented
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      No, they are not too old for those dating apps. Surely, there would also be old people there, too. Maybe there are markets for old people, too.

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    Older people more than 50 years of age? I guess it's okay? Tell you what, if he wants to get down with young chicks then he should get down to that, it is okay as long as he uses protection and treats those girls right. He should know the basics when it comes to dating and hooking up in this generation.


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      I know someone who use dating apps, and the reason why they usually use that is to have fun, I mean they are getting old and apps like that can get rid of their boredness.