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when you are a male at 40, do you impress a girl with money?

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  • when you are a male at 40, do you impress a girl with money?

    Obviously this applies to stable men at 40. If you are broke, please do not bother. It it still hard to get girls if you have the cash? not the ultimate rich but you know., a pretty stable one.. let's say an Engineer or doctor .. whatever but the middle class 40

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    Of course!!!! How could a girl in 20s settle in an Old man without money. Neither I won't do that! It doesn't matter if you're 40, just spoil me with everything I like to to buy.


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      Just guys in 40s are really using their money to get a young and hot girls! You know there no such feeling than fucking fresh girls. These guys do not actually think how much money they will lost by having sugar babies coz it's their lust that they want to satisfy now. They've been working so hard for how many years and it's their way to spoil themselves.


      • Orlea32
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        Absolutely hahahhha

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      Yes but not all! There are still men at 40 and still very charismatic, you'll be impressed whenever they talk to you. And it makes them sexier when they're smart enough to handle conversations.


      • Pads10
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        That's kind of interesting but hello... it's 2022 and I can't even find a serious one.LOL

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      No. Girls are actually impressed of their maturity and kindness.


      • Lomma89
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        Really hahahaha just tell us that it's just all about money sweetie.

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      of course they do! how could they get younger girls if they do not. LOL


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        I don't think so, girls are actually making impressions to these guys.