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Who wants to spend their rest of life with me?

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  • Who wants to spend their rest of life with me?

    I`m about to hit my last year of being in 40`s, in the society we live in sadly it`s like for a woman life is over and she can find no one at an older age but as the hopeless romantic I`m, I`m here in search of someone who`d be willing to spend the rest of their years with me. Of course it`s no obligation that you have to be with me from the first date but is there anyone who`d even be ready to give it a shot? I promise anyone who comes forward it`ll be one experience you never forget. Also yes, no boys please I`m looking for someone who is the same age or older than me or maybe a year or two younger than me wouldn`t kill. Also you can check my profile picture I still look in my 30`s

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    Wait a minute and stop right there. Dont think that your life is over just because you have reached 40 because everyone will day reach such an age and if you want love in your life, how is that related to that number? You deserve every beautiful thing in your life and I am sure you will find someone of your age who would want the same from you. Youre beautiful, just know that.


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      I find older women really hot but its so much the case with them that they do not want to hangout with boys of my age. I am 27 and I just have a thing for someone above 35 like I cant explain but I just experience it.


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        My aunt got married at 56 and she found the love of her life. She didnt give up and my uncle was around 50 at that time so its not like that your life is over and that you wont find anyone now. Just keep looking and yes this site is a good place to look. Also I think youre on point with having no boys because people way younger have different expectations which you cant really blame them before and not being able to fulfill them would really challenge the existence of a relationship so thats a good one.


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          i bet you got alot of spunk left in you them young girls wouldnt make a pimple on your ass