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  • So young?

    I am now 40 years old. Another 40 years and I'll be an old woman. I do not like to look forward 40 years into the future. It makes me tremble just to even think of it. But it is not the future that is my main concern, actually. The heck, I might not even live long enough to reach another 40 years so I must stop with this nonsense futuristic brouhaha. Now, I am dating an 18 years old young man. I know that there would be people who would raise their eye brows with that I said. But, yes, he is 18 years old. I am enjoying his company. I feel like I was also 18 years old when I am with him. Some people even asked me if he was my son. There are just some questions in this world that make us uneasy to answer.

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    That's just part of the deal when it comes to dating someone who's younger than you and the age difference is quite obvious. I would suggest to go to places where people who mind their own business


    • NotAlone
      NotAlone commented
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      I think there are very few places where they could go. There would be some people who would be able to notice their age difference and may react upon seeing them date.

    • SharonSkills
      SharonSkills commented
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      NotAlone Somehow, yes, people would still have something to say but they should mind their own business.

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    If you want to avoid being asked and answering the questions that you've mentioned, maybe try and keep the relationship on the down low. Like just stay at each other's place when you want to spend time together


    • Paloma12
      Paloma12 commented
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      But what if there is a situation where you actually need to tell the truth? We can't really run forever from our problems.

    • More2This
      More2This commented
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      Your suggestion to deep a low profile is a good one as to prevent the nosiness of the people. But, then, there would be some drawbacks to that one like how would they be able to have dates on various places?

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    Why not just do your date at home? Just set few candles and you'll be alone in your own non-judgmental world.


    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      Assuming that she is a great cook, they can make every single date different from before.

    • notpickygirl
      notpickygirl commented
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      While it is true that there would be no one to judge them, I think a date at home would always be boring. And JanejaneBH has a point, what if she is not a good cook? They could say that they could always order the food and have it delivered at home but still would be boring.

    • Twiggy
      Twiggy commented
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      Yeah. Take outs are not 100% good. Some are just shit coated shit with shit filling.

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    It's really ironic how the world today is free as advertised but some people always make it a point that it's not.


    • BullNdieHeather
      BullNdieHeather commented
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      Same observations here. They say it is a free world yet people react when they see someone out of the ordinary.

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    How about doing normally a few times just to see how it feels? I'm just thinking that maybe the problem is you overthinking.


    • LeilaBee
      LeilaBee commented
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      Doing it a few times is a nice suggestion but even those few times could still be ruined by people who would get to notice and be nosy with their affair.

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    My goodness! He could already be your son! I mean, hello, look at your age difference! Why did you choose him over other older man?


    • Jasmine45
      Jasmine45 commented
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      Maybe it is because she's having a midlife crisis? lol