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He stole you a kiss

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  • He stole you a kiss

    You are with your friends having a good time at a bar then you went out to have a little smoke when this guy friend of yours went along with you. He's quite drunk but wants to have conversations with you, when all of a sudden he grabs you in and stole you a kiss. You know that he has a girlfriend but why did he do this?

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    This could be our little secret since we're alone and he's drunk. He won't probably remember this one the next day, but yeah, I'd feel bad that he has a girlfriend but he chose to kiss me that night, does he have feelings for me?


    • ItsyBetsy
      ItsyBetsy commented
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      He has feelings for you, surely. But he has a girlfriend which is conflicting. Orr let's not assume things this way, maybe you just remind him of his girlfriend.

    • OnlyChristina
      OnlyChristina commented
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      And if he remembers it the next day? What would your reaction be?

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    He might be the type who's always horny or extra touchy-feely when he had a couple of drinks. I would suggest to talk to him about it in private to find out the reason behind it


    • HypoLuxe
      HypoLuxe commented
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      Have you been with someone who was like that or you're the one who often ends up making out with random guys while drunk?

    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      HypoLuxe sometimes men would be the horny and touchy-feely ones more often than women. Why? I dunno, these men are always horny and craving for sex when they're intoxicated.

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    well in this situation I think it's best to forget about him since you know he is in a
    relationship but if still pursues you think deeply if you really like him because the
    situation your getting will have a heavy price


    • AidenTR
      AidenTR commented
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      I'm with you on this one but if you really feel something for this guy well I say
      just go for it you know what they say it's easier to catch prey when it's already
      stuck on to something right? but be sure you would not make a fool out of yourself

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    Before answering your question. What's your reaction when he kissed you? Did you kiss him back or not? Because if you are not really interested in him, you would immediately push him away from you even if he's a good kisser


    • BigPoppa
      BigPoppa commented
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      If you're in that situation that you're talking about, are you really going to stop him from kissing you

    • Spiral
      Spiral commented
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      Are you thinking that she might be into him and she was just surprised that he kissed her that's why she's asking us what are we going to do if we're ever in the same position?

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    Nothing. He did with for nothing serious. He just wanted to have some fun in the dark with anyone around. It so happened that you were the one in that place, so he grabbed the opportunity to do it with you. Of course, he would not replace his girlfriend.


    • MoiraKellyS
      MoiraKellyS commented
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      Of course, he wouldn't replace his girlfriend just for a kiss with someone that night and he will probably have a hard time remembering who he had kissed passionately that night.

    • Celine123
      Celine123 commented
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      Are you going to tell his girlfriend what he did to you?

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    A kiss only? What else could it lead to? A sex, perhaps? And then, what would happen next? After sex, he would forget you. Well, if you enjoyed the sex part, then it was also your advantage.


    • WackSparrow
      WackSparrow commented
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      Not sure that it would lead into sex if they made out at a public place.

    • Franzem67
      Franzem67 commented
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      WackSparrow I think so may have led to making out rather than sex immediately.

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    Just push him away and pretend that didn't happen. And I would also suggest that you don't mention about it to his girlfriend


    • More2This
      More2This commented
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      Do you think that the guy would tell his girlfriend that you were giving hints that you want to make out with him that's why you prefer to never mention it to her?

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    He is quite drunk so maybe he has just mistaken you as his girlfriend. And besides, it's only a kiss.


    • AbbieGlass
      AbbieGlass commented
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      I know right! That often happens to me and my guy friends especially when we are drinking and they are remembering their exes.

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    I think you should just ignore his drunkenness might be the only reason for that kiss.