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Flirting with introverts

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  • Flirting with introverts

    For any of you people out there who are shy and introverts. What would you think or how would you feel if a boy/girl keeps smiling at you? Making up excuses to talk to you etc. Would his/her reaching out to you scare you away?

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    If he is cute and attractive then I'll also smile to him. I'm not totally an introvert but if a guy approaches me then I'll do what I can to entertain him.


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      I'm a bit of an introvert and I will just think that he wants me to open up and be more friendly that's why he keeps on approaching me. The only time I would feel shy or scared is when I like the guy who's approaching me.


      • Orlea32
        Orlea32 commented
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        Do you often feel tense when a hot guy asked you out or approach you?

      • Lorane12
        Lorane12 commented
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        Why are you scared if the guy that you like is approaching you? Are you thinking that he might talk to you and you don't know what you're going to say to him?

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      Just because they are introverts it doesn't automatically mean that they would avoid people who are being nice to them. They might feel weird about it, but not scared.


      • Deanne12
        Deanne12 commented
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        That might be what she's been thinking that is why she is asking us this question. Which can be a given if the person who's asking doesn't know a person who's an introvert.

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      I've dated a lot of introverts and I sometimes prefer to be with them, unlike guys who are over boosting with confidence who flirts around with so many girls and they also act like an asshole.


      • Jhannnna
        Jhannnna commented
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        Why do you prefer spending time with introverts? Is it because you can have some peace and quiet while you're with them?

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      Are you hoping to go out with a guy who's an introvert that's why you're trying to find out how their mind works?


      • Tiffany45
        Tiffany45 commented
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        You might be right on that one. It sounds like she's asking for tips on how to snag an introvert.

      • Susanna23
        Susanna23 commented
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        Do you have any tips that you can give her?

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      f that happens in a bar then I would have a normal reaction but if it's somewhere that you won't expect a person to flirt with you then I'll be surprised and might get scared.


      • AylaGD
        AylaGD commented
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        That's the typical reaction of a people cos a bar is like a free zone where all the flirting happens because they are all confident when drunk unlike in other places like library where it's odd and unlikely a person will flirt with you.

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      Actually, a guy once approaches me and told me "Hey you know I kinda like you .. I've wondered what it would be like to kiss you which quickly led to a fairly hot short relationship.


      • Sunitta08
        Sunitta08 commented
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        Did you hookup with the guy immediately when he tried to flirt with you for the first time?

      • HGDF745
        HGDF745 commented
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        So you're the introvert in this story? Are you sure that it was a real relationship and not just a fling?

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      According to my friend who's an introvert, she might end up blushing if the guy that he likes talks to him out of the blue.


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        I'm no introvert but if a guy keeps smiling at me then I'll smile back even if I don't find him attractive.


        • Gregaria28
          Gregaria28 commented
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          Will you ever let him entertain if he started making a move on you? Maybe he is funny and smart if you don't find him attractive.