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  • Bring Back the Love

    Have you been in a relationship that you try to revive the intimacy or bring back the love that once there? What are the things you did in order to bring that back?

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    Yes, I think I was in that position before and I cook him breakfast every day and take care of him to bring back his trust to me.


    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      I bet it did not work. lol

    • NarniaStark
      NarniaStark commented
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      I think it works because they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. lol

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    Maybe the two of you spend an entire weekend together or try and do something new be it outside or in the bedroom


    • habbit98
      habbit98 commented
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      Already done that with an ex and it wasn't effective, we got more tired of each other.

    • Twiggy
      Twiggy commented
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      habbit98 maybe one of you was just forced into going on that trip that's why it didn't worked out for you

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    Yes, I tried living with him but unfortunately it did not work out for the both of us.


    • LeilaBee
      LeilaBee commented
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      I think it did not work for him.

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    Nope, when I don't have feeling anymore for her, I let her go.


    • ItsyBetsy
      ItsyBetsy commented
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      You didn't feel bad that you let her go that easy?

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    Why would you try to bring back the love if you know that it was just a one-sided love only?


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      What made the relationship end up that way in the first place?


      • BustyBasia
        BustyBasia commented
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        Do you feel that they let the romance die that's why she's asking for tips on how to revive them?

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      Do you really think that the relationship is worth trying to revive? Because if it's not, might as well end things with him already


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        Nope, when it was over, it's over. I don't think trying to revive something when it seems impossible is a good idea.


        • HypoLuxe
          HypoLuxe commented
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          This only applies when you didn't have something real in your time together.