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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

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  • Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

    We all know how the saying goes, 'Once a cheater, always a cheater'. I've had a three serious relationships but I end up cheating on all of them. It came to my sense that not only guys cheat but US girls do too. Most of the time it is for sexual needs, but emotional too as well. My relationships we\re long distance but as though, we still find time to see each other. Ever since I started using apps out of curiosity, I just feel more comfortable around guys I've been hooking up with. Most of them admire and compliment me and tells me how badly they want me in bed. I just wish that if I could turn back time, I wouldn't be too serious about relationships or I won't be too committed to handling relationships I couldn't even handle. It still haunts me because I feel guilty that I end up hurting others because of my selfishness. Do you guys have any thoughts about this?

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    I guess it's a human nature thing to do. They would look for someone because they feel that there's something missing at some point. But it is WRONG to cheat while you're committed to someone.


    • BigPoppa
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      Very true. It is not right to cheat while you are in a relationship. Should you have a desire with other people, you must suppress it. You do not want to ruin your relationship, do you?

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    I know at some point that everything will change the least you expect it. Not all cheaters will stay cheaters. We're all sinners, honey


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      Well, you should feel really guilty. How could you cheat on your boyfriends who thought you were a saint? I bet they did not even know that you cheated on them.


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        At least that you felt guilt over the cheats that you had done. But, wait, you made three cheats, right? Did you not feel guilty the first time around? Would you still cheat in the future?


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          No. That should be a no as people change. They may had cheated in the past but they could change into someone good.


          • AlysaBBy
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            Yes, there are some who would try their best in doing that. But that's something you can't easily remove from other peoples minds

          • NotAlone
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            AlysaBBy True, they would still remember it for a long time. We cannot do anything with that.

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          Are you sure that it wasn't because you have poor taste in men that's why you're looking for something else in all of your previous relationships


          • notpickygirl
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            Isn't she just be a horny bitch? Oh, come on, why would she cheat her boyfriend? She even had used those dating apps to look for those men. My, oh, my.

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          Maybe you need to have a break in being in a relationship first and just have fuck buddies for the time being. Because you might be at the stage that you're not truly ready to be in a relationship