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  • Last-minute hookups

    Imagine you had a long tiring day, you're tucked in bed and as you close your eyes, you hear a beep.
    It was your phone and it was from a guy you've hooked up with, says he wanted to see you tonight.
    So, are you up to last-minute hookups? Or would you rather pass?

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    If he's that good-looking guy from my previous hookups and is looking for last-minute hookups with me, I'd tell him to come over to my place and we can do it here, lol!


    • Jhannnna
      Jhannnna commented
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      Nice decision. Okay, I think I would also go into this route. I would wait for him, say about 30 minutes. He should not take more than 45 minutes, though.

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    I don't have time for last-minute hookups! Such bad timing when I'm all tucked in bed and see who's bothering me in the middle of the night. Oh, I see, he's my previous hookup and says he's alone right now. Oh well, guess who's going to stay at his place tonight?


    • Fenny56
      Fenny56 commented
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      LMAO! I did not see that coming. You had a sudden change of mind just so you can do a last-minute hookup with him. Well, I won't judge you any further because it seems like he's a fine-ass to me!

    • Lorane12
      Lorane12 commented
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      Hahaha. You are so quick in getting up from being tucked up in bed, huh? Well, I salute you for going to his place in the middle of the night.

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    Last-minute hookups would give me an adrenaline rush so, hell yes! I would love to go out and have a last-minute hookup with someone.


    • lotsalove
      lotsalove commented
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      You would go on even if you are already about to sleep? Oh, look what sex can do to men. It shows here that humans are sex animals.

    • Tiffany45
      Tiffany45 commented
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      Do you usually do hook ups? WackSparrow

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    That would be a pussy, so I will not let that pass. Lol. I will get up immediately and go to her place.


    • bolder11
      bolder11 commented
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      That's great of you, I just think that some guys would just pass for a last-minute hookup. Too bad, that they've missed the opportunity to hookup for the night.

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    It depends. If I like the man then okay I would hookup with him. If he is someone who is just so-so, then I would rather pass and continue with my sleep. Lol.


    • JairaTR
      JairaTR commented
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      Totally agree! If I was happy with his performance during our last hookup session, then I guess I'll hookup with him again. I want him to make me happy and contented for the second time around.

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    I would LOVE to have those last-minute hookups but I sometimes hate myself for falling into a good sleep and have missed so many chances of hooking up for those nights, lol!


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      It depends on the guy, I guess. If I was happy and satisfied during our hookup, then I'd agree in a heartbeat. But if not, I'll probably pass or maybe I can just ignore him.


      • #9
        I probably won't go for last minute hookups. Because whenever I hookup with someone, I have a routine that I follow and I won't able to do that routine if the hookup is unplanned.


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          If I am really tired and exhausted, I don't think I'll agree for a last-minute hookup. I won't be able to enjoy it and for sure, I wont have the energy for it.


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            I love sex because sex is my life, but if I am tired I'll choose to