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Looking for a hookup in Pittsfield, MA

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  • Looking for a hookup in Pittsfield, MA

    As the subject says, I'm looking to hookup. If anyone is interested, please feel free to PM me or reply here. My preference is going raw but I will use a condom if requested.

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    I am curious on why raw is your preferred choice. Are you not afraid of contracting an STD?


    • HypoLuxe
      HypoLuxe commented
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      There's a chance that he makes sure that he's clean and healthy that's why he's brave enough to have that preference. Also there's a chance that he doesn't have multiple partners that he's regularly having sex with

    • Tiffany45
      Tiffany45 commented
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      He may be clean, safe and healthy but how about the women? How can he be so sure that the women are also clean, safe and healthy?

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    Was your last attempt to find a hookup unsuccessful?


    • notpickygirl
      notpickygirl commented
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      Sometimes, it could be unsuccessful most specially if there are no members on that area. Sometimes, they could find some people near them. It is a case to case basis.

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    I bet that you enjoy the feeling the walls of her wet pussy while you're fucking her that's why you prefer woman who are willing to have you raw


    • Jhannnna
      Jhannnna commented
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      Well, being raw is one of the most wonderful feelings in this world. Unfortunately, we could not have it all the time.

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    So you're just looking for a hookup and have no plans of ever trying to chat with us?


    • ItsyBetsy
      ItsyBetsy commented
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      What questions do you have in mind for him? What color are his boxers are? Lol, I'm bad at being a conversationalist myself lol

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    Guess there's nothing wrong with saying immediately that you prefer going raw on the girl


    • Huranalrashid
      Huranalrashid commented
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      Franzem67 noting a preference for going raw on a woman up front on a forum like this is kinda weird; but, thankfully, he's not interested in fucking me.

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    I am bored and I am carving sex please contact me if you guys need to hook up.