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  • Some Hookup Humor

    Here's some hookup humor for the ladies at the guy's expense.

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    LOL. Poor man.

    What would you do if this pathetic case happened to you?


    • Huranalrashid
      Huranalrashid commented
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      Freeza12 I would never let this happen. Cold calling a date is never a good idea. As soon as I know I'm traveling to a city where I've got some friends who may be potential hookups I'll start seeing what arrangements can be made in advance. That way I"ll know before I arrive if I'll be hooking up with a friend or if I'll be hooking up with my fist (which has kinda become a close friend over the years, if you know what i mean).

    • Deanne12
      Deanne12 commented
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      Huranalrashid Actually, you are right. Any hookups should be arranged in advance. You could not just pop up one day and ask for it on the same day.

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    If I were the man then I would look for an another woman to have some fun with. I would also send our photo to her so that she would be shocked to her horror.


    • Drenna63
      Drenna63 commented
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      Are you sure that you've never done sort of thing on a guy at least once?

    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      That would be a good revenge. Well, I do not think that a thinking man would actually do something like that.

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    Who wants to hook up with me here?


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      Hi there @Huranalrashid looking for someone to hook up with?