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  • Clermont FL. M4F

    Looking for a FWB

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    How about the age range? What kinds of women would you like to be friends with?


    • BigPoppa
      BigPoppa commented
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      I guess every woman who is down to be his FWB would be okay for him, as long as she's great in bed.

    • bolder11
      bolder11 commented
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      BigPoppa He is still young so I guess that he is not into those old women. But if he is that adventurous then he might be doing some fun with them.

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    How about updating your profile photo? You are also young so I guess you are looking for young women, too.


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      Do you happen to like some sex chats? We could have one if you want. Just send me some messages and if everything goes well then why not?


      • SpudMe
        SpudMe commented
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        Is that the only thing that you're after in this site that's why you're offering that to him?

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      I also like to have some FWB. The good thing about FWB is that you would know that person for a long time. It would be different from a random hookup where you would not see the person after the session is over.


      • BullNdieHeather
        BullNdieHeather commented
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        Why not try and start a conversation with him and see if the two of you are a match

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      So how's your searching going so far? Hope that you're able to find one who's interested in hooking up with you?


      • Jhannnna
        Jhannnna commented
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        If he was not able to find one, do you have someone to recommend to him? Or I am open to chat if that is fine with him. Are you also open to chats?

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      I am a young escort who is always ready to hook up. Just call me horny boys.


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        Friends with Benefits? I love that!


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          I would love that.. I can give you a great sex!