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  • Sister's secret

    What if you just found out that your sister is a bisexual? What would you do? Would you confront her? Or would you go straight and tell your parents?

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    Maybe I'll talk to her about the information that I found out. I'll hear her side and I'll understand where she's coming from. Also, I am not in the right place to tell our parents regarding her gender identity so I definitely won't do that.


    • Marian45
      Marian45 commented
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      That's right, let her be the one to tell your parents about that. After all, it's her identity and your parents want to hear it coming from her instead.

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    I won't do anything. I will wait for her to come out to me and to our parents. I don't think that confronting her is a good idea because that would only make her feel like I am pressuring her and maybe she'll think that I am against her gender identity or something.


    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      I'd wait for her to come out to me as well. I will not force her to open up to me, I'm the older sister so I should handle things maturely. I would give her some advice if she ever needs it and I'd support her if she's ready to come out to our parents.

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    Your sister's bisexuality is her business and no one else's. Leave her alone and let her bring it up on her own time in her own way. You certainly shouldn't disrupt the family by bringing this to your parents' attention.


    • Sunitta08
      Sunitta08 commented
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      Right. It is her own sexuality and we should respect her. Besides, she did not choose it. There was no choice at birth. The gender that we have was determined by the hormones during the development in the womb.

    • Locrea4
      Locrea4 commented
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      Absolutely. The family members would be shocked for sure. If you hear something that you were not expecting to know, then there would be denials at first.

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    I think I'll encourage her to talk to me and let her feel that she can always tell me anything. I won't even dare telling it to our parents because I am not in the position to do that.


    • Lorane12
      Lorane12 commented
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      Talk to you? What for? Bisexuality is not a disease that it needed to be talked over. You won't ask your brother to talk to you because he is a straight male, right?

    • Kimmy13
      Kimmy13 commented
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      Talk to you but why? Do you need an explanation from her?

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    I won't confront her nor tell my parents about it. I will wait for her to come out and when she does, I'll act as if I didn't know.


    • Gracia3
      Gracia3 commented
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      You'd become a great actress for pretending that you didn't find out that your sister is actually bisexual. Lol!
      Anyway, you are right about that. You should let her come up to you and she will discuss to you about her true identity.

    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      What if she doesn't have a plan to tell you guys the whole story? are gonna still wait for it?

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    I won't do something about what I found out about her. I'll accept her wholeheartedly and let her do all that he wants for as long as she's safe.


    • HypoLuxe
      HypoLuxe commented
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      She needs to feel safe about coming out to you guys, so just go easy on her. Just let her feel comfortable about telling you guys what made her came out as bisexual.

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    I think I'll tell our parents about this so that they know what's happening to their child's life. Also, I do think that they have he right to know.


    • NarniaStark
      NarniaStark commented
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      Yeah, they have the right to know but it should not come from you. It should come from her own self. She should be the one to reveal her true identity. Do not be the hero one to tell what you had uncovered.

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    Her secret must remain as a secret until she reveals that secret on her own time and free will. Do not interfere with it. She has her own life and let her do her own stuffs.


    • Twiggy
      Twiggy commented
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      I know, she's too old enough already so there's no need for me to know but if she also feels like telling, then sure I will listen to her.

    • Franzem67
      Franzem67 commented
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      She could even keep it as a secret all her life. She could pretend as a straight woman. She could get married and have children. She could grow old living a lie.

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    I would keep my big mouth shut. It is not my business to interfere with her sexuality. She has her own life, and she alone could do anything that she wants to have.


    • Deanne12
      Deanne12 commented
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      I agree with this. No matter how concerned you are, you shouldn't meddle with her own choices in life and of course, with her sexuality/gender identity.