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Gay or what?

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  • Gay or what?

    There are men who allow other men to suck their dicks and they also fuck other men. No, they do not suck dicks and they do not allow themselves to be fucked. Are they gay or what?

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    Lorane12 it sounds like they are selfish, self-centered gay men who want to be pleasured but do not want to pleasure others.


    • Marian45
      Marian45 commented
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      But if that were you Huranalrashid, would you let that man do you if he wants to? Of course, with your consent and if you're in the mood. Would you let him proceed?

    • Huranalrashid
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    I don't think they are gay. Because I believe that they are only after the sexual satisfaction that's why they let their dicks be sucked by their fellow men.


    • NarniaStark
      NarniaStark commented
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      Yes, I think in that way too. They just want to feel the pleasure of being sucked on and the pleasure to fuck other men.

    • Jade110
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      Hmmm, okay. You have a point there. After all, the dick would not be able to discern if the mouth is from a man or from a woman.

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    No, those men are not gay. They probably cannot find women who can suck their cocks and can make them satisfied that's why they are looking for men who are willing to do that for them. But I am pretty sure that they are straight.


    • Jasmine45
      Jasmine45 commented
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      Yup. They are straight. Look at those men in prison who fuck their prison mates. Do you consider them gays? I do not think so; they are men, right?

    • grace34
      grace34 commented
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      But there are so many women around, right? Well, of course, even if there are many women, some men would still have hard times hooking up with them.

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    I've known some people that are straight even if they ask for their fellow men to suck their cocks. For whatever reason, for fun or in exchange for cash, well, let them do whatever they want!


    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      They do it for fun, obviously. I don't think that they would immediately turn gay for just doing those things out of sheer fun and curiosity.

    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      I had seen some dare videos but with the option to have some cash. Well, they do it. Money does make differences.

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    Originally posted by Lorane12 View Post
    There are men who allow other men to suck their dicks and they also fuck other men. No, they do not suck dicks and they do not allow themselves to be fucked. Are they gay or what?
    They're confused, yes, they really really are CONFUSED! I think they should consider themselves bisexual and it's obvious that they're still in denial and resisting the temptation to suck dicks and get fucked. Well, they shouldn't be to hard on themselves and they should just be out already.


    • Kimmy13
      Kimmy13 commented
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      Confused? They could be, but I do not think that they are bisexuals. Most men who do those acts are being paid by other men to do it.

    • Locrea4
      Locrea4 commented
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      I have some male friends, and I am sure that they are not confused at all. I had known them for several years now and I could vouch that they are real men even if they allow themselves to be sucked by other men.

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    I don't think those kind of men are gay. That's because they do not suck dicks and they do not let men fuck them. I think they just want to experience how it feels to get their dicks sucked by another man because they think that it's a different feeling when women do that to them.


    • Franzem67
      Franzem67 commented
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      But is there a difference when a man sucks a man's dick?

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    If those men allow themselves to be kissed by other men, then, they are definitely gay or bisexual. But if not, then I guess they are straight and are just after the sexual feelings.


    • JustLikeU
      JustLikeU commented
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      Really? That's impossible! I mean the part when you've said that those straight men are only in it for the sexual feelings and they're not considered bisexual or gay?