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  • Catching up with you

    Someone you used to hook up with has become a friend to you. You two don't usually talk that much anymore but years have gone by, you haven't heard much from him/her. Now, someone has added you online and messaged you. To your surprise, it was him/her and it turns out that he/she is now transgender. In that message, he/she says that he/she wants to catch up with you over with beer or coffee. Would you like to accept his/her invitation?
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    I would love to! I would accept his invitation and would talk about his great transformation. I hope he is happy with it, what? We became friends and I think it's nice to be friends with him.


    • bolder11
      bolder11 commented
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      It's nice to know that you're in good terms with your ex, as for me, I'm not but I am willing to be friends with them if there's any chance. Anyway, he just wants to catch up so why not go ahead and meet him up right?

    • Kimmy13
      Kimmy13 commented
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      His? Are you that she is still a he when she already transformed into a woman?

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    I would accept his invitation, we will catch up and I just really wanted to know why he even chose to become trans. I'm curious to know why he changed like that.


    • JairaTR
      JairaTR commented
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      He changed because you've left him Twiggy, kidding! Maybe he's been closeted before and you failed to notice that as well.

    • LeilaBee
      LeilaBee commented
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      So he tried hooking up with women and now he turned into trans? Huh, he must've tried men and starts to like it, and now he is in his final form, a transwoman. Well, let's be happy for him that his post-op has become a huge success.

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    I think it would be a celebration party for him coming out as trans. I think it won't be necessary for me to come, I'd say thank you for the invitation but I have a busy schedule ahead, was just hoping that it would be just us catching up with each other.


    • SharonSkills
      SharonSkills commented
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      Awww too bad you wouldn't be there on his/her big celebration. Well, at least he/she has contacted you and invited you to come over. He/She must've been a great person after all.

    • boredassTRS
      boredassTRS commented
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      Why would you expect that it would be between you two? Do you plan to touch his parts to see if it's real? Lol, kidding, well, it is indeed a celebration. More like a party and you should've come because it might be fun.

    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      Nope. I guess it would just be the two of you. A little chat with each other over a cup of coffee.

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    Lol. That was unexpected. I thought that he/she would like to reconnect with you for hookups again. Anyway, I would accept her offer to me. I would like see how she is now.


    • Fenny56
      Fenny56 commented
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      Ah, yes she/he will definitely flaunt his/her new self to you and wants you to appreciate who he/she is now.

    • WackSparrow
      WackSparrow commented
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      But maybe he still wants to hook up for the very last time even if he is already on his transwoman form, just to see if it'll work on you.

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    No. It is not necessary anymore. She has a new life that is separate from mine. She is my past and it should remain in that way.


    • Amyyy34
      Amyyy34 commented
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      But would you not get curious over it? Would you not want to see how she looks like now? She could be even more beautiful than you are. Lol.

    • grace34
      grace34 commented
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      Amyyy34 I think that's what she's trying to avoid, she might even feel insecure if her ex hookup turns out to be way hotter than her, lol. No offense, Lorane12

    • Locrea4
      Locrea4 commented
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      But would you not like to have a little chat for few minutes while drinking coffee together?

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    Is this true? Wow, I cannot believe it, well, I think I should meet up with him. To see is to believe right? Then I guess we'll be gal pals from now on, lol!


    • Paloma12
      Paloma12 commented
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      Oh, you can no longer have hookups with him but instead, you two should look for guys to hook up with if you two would catch up in a bar or in a club.

    • Spiral
      Spiral commented
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      Are you sure that you two would be gal pals? Alright then, you two should look for hookups now and I mean men hookups, he might want to have those yummy men by the end of the night, lol.

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    Oh, he really wants to catch up? I think that would be okay, we can have coffee if I'm free for that time. I want to know when and where would our meetup will take place.


    • SpudMe
      SpudMe commented
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      It is great to catch up with someone you knew from the past and see what they're up to now. But wow, your former hookup is now a woman? Now that is something that you must see!

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    I do not want to see him again, I might even get jealous of how beautiful he has become more than me right now. Lol, I would just say maybe some other time but in fact, there won't be a next time.


    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      LMAO, then do not meet with him, no one is forcing you to meet up with him anyway and if you're jealous of him then just ignore him.

    • Deanne12
      Deanne12 commented
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      It sure looks like he does not want to catch up with you but he wants to flaunt his new version of himself to you.

  • #10
    I would accept it if it was over a beer. I mean, we should drink lots of beer, then she would be able to tell me of her transitions. I am curious on how she transformed herself.


    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      Aha! Then why are you so curious with her transitions? I think that it is not needed to know the details on how she transitioned. I guess that every transgender person would have similar transitions.

  • #11
    Why does she need to contact me? What is her intention? I do not think that she still needs me. Does she want to show off how beautiful she is now?


    • #12
      What? Hold on. Catch up with me? What for? Couldn't she see that I am still me? Yeah, still beautiful. Does she need to know more?