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  • The gay sugar baby

    My friend is dating a very rich sugar mommy but he recently came out to me as gay, but he needs the financial support from his sugar mommy should he just hide in the closet or just come out and drop her sugar mommy?

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    Well, if he really needs the money then he should just keep it a secret from his sugar mommy and get a boyfriend behind her back, he just needs to be really careful in doing this so that he won't get caught by the sugar mommy, don't go out just spend time at your bf's house and chill there until you don't need the sugar mommy anymore.


    • bolder11
      bolder11 commented
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      Nice suggestions over there but when would he not need his sugar mommy anymore?

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    Why not just end the arrangement that he has with his sugar mommy and go find a sugar daddy instead


    • Jasmine45
      Jasmine45 commented
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      Great! This is actually a very good idea. He could do it as it is possible to do.

    • AlysaBBy
      AlysaBBy commented
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      Maybe the reason why he can't break up with her yet is because he doesn't have enough savings while he's looking for a sugar daddy.

    • LazieDaizy
      LazieDaizy commented
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      Great idea! It would be hitting two birds with one stone.

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    Try and stay in the closet until he truly knows that he is gay. Because it is possible that he's just bi-curious that's why he's having the urge to sleep with guys


    • Jade110
      Jade110 commented
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      How long do you think he has to stay in the closet?

    • Spiral
      Spiral commented
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      Given that he would stay in the closet and not tell it to her sugar mommy. So how is he going to find out whether he's really gay or just bi-curious if he will not come out?

    • Lorane12
      Lorane12 commented
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      Being bi-curious all of a sudden? Is that even possible?

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    I would suggest that he comes clean to his sugar mommy and tell her that he's gay and that he wants to end their arrangement. I bet that if he tells it the right way she would understand and might even help him find a sugar daddy


    • Lomma89
      Lomma89 commented
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      What if his sugar mommy thinks that he's just using that excuse so that he can get a higher allowance from her?

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    If he doesn't mind continuing to sleep with his sugar mommy, then stay in the closet. If not, tell her about it but promise her that you're going to remain to be her sugar baby until you're able to find a potential sugar daddy


    • BullNdieHeather
      BullNdieHeather commented
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      Let's just hope that his sugar mommy would be understanding towards his situation that she's willing to let him go once he finds a gay sugar daddy.

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    He needs money, so obviously he needs to hide his sexuality. If he comes out, then he would be dumped for sure and the money would stop pouring in.


    • Shafted
      Shafted commented
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      Well he can save some of the allowance that he's getting from his sugar mommy and when he think that he already has enough, he can come out of the closet already.

    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      Well he can also get that money once he finds a new sugar daddy.

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    Originally posted by BustyBasia View Post
    My friend is dating a very rich sugar mommy but he recently came out to me as gay, but he needs the financial support from his sugar mommy should he just hide in the closet or just come out and drop her sugar mommy?
    He'll better hold it up first until he'll get his life settled. Once that's done, then he'll free to do whatever he likes.


    • habbit98
      habbit98 commented
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      Yep, be practical. Get a degree and seek the best job you've been dreaming, buy a car, get an apartment and condo then ready spill the beans!

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    Why not try to save some the allowance that he's been getting from his sugar mommy and when he thinks that he has saved enough to last him for a couple of months, that would be the time that he tells his sugar mommy that his gay.


    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      Good suggestion. And then what would happen next? Would he switch into looking for a gay sugar daddy?

    • AidenTR
      AidenTR commented
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      It would also be a good thing if his sugar mommy will still support him even if he is gay.

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    Do you guys really think that telling his sugar mommy that he's gay is important in his situation? Because he can just easily end it without him telling her that he is gay. The only time it needs to be brought up is when she asked why he wants to end their sugar relationship.


    • JanejaneBH
      JanejaneBH commented
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      I guess they consider it as important because for the basic belief that gay guys doesn't like to have sex with women.

    • Kimmy13
      Kimmy13 commented
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      The stage of admitting yourself being gay is already a big deal.

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    I love gays, I really like being surrounded by gays!


    • Pads10
      Pads10 commented
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      do you lust over them too? have you ever fuck a gay? kiss them? or do they eat pussies when they fuck?

    • AylaGD
      AylaGD commented
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      Kiss them Pads10 but not fuck them lol. Most of the gay people I know are like so gay and will not fuck a girl hahaha.

    • Freeza12
      Freeza12 commented
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      yes you love being their friend but would you want to be the sugar mommy and finding out the guy you are financing with is a gay? that is quite unfair right but as long as the benefit is given. that will do

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    hmmpp actually it depends. if he is still gives what his sugar mommy wants, then there is nothing wrong with it I guess. but if he turns out not fucking the poor woman to her content, that is out of the link and totally unfair