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Ecuador allows same sex marriage

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  • Ecuador allows same sex marriage

    Ecuador is the newest country that had passed a law allowing same sex marriage. This is an addition to the list of few countries that had done so and a new win for the LGBT community. What is the status of same sex marriage in your country?

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    I am happy and proud to say that same-sex marriage is allowed here in our place.


    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      It is good that your state allows it.

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    Why do they need to allow it? They could just live together. No marriage whatsoever. Heck, those kinds of relationship would not even last for a long time. Marry now then divorce later? Such a waste of time and resources.


    • BigPoppa
      BigPoppa commented
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      What they're after is to have the same rights with a straight couple

    • JustLikeU
      JustLikeU commented
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      BigPoppa But most of them would just file divorces after few years at most. I am not telling that all of them but I guess that most of them would do the divorce.