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  • Surprise!

    I remember one night at a friend's house, we were drinking with other of her close friends. We were sharing stories of same-sex sexually encounters since one of her friends was a lesbian. After stories are heard, it was my time to take a shot and shoot a story as well. To my friend's surprise, she never knew that I once had a make-out session with a girl. My friend is an outspoken bisexual but hasn't got any sexual experience to a girl. That night when I was drunk, she took me to her bed and started kissing me. The next day, she didn't mention it to me but even if I was wasted, I could still remember how she pulled me in for a kiss and the rest was history since I passed out.

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    She took advantage to finally get to kiss a girl for the first time, did you enjoyed it?


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      Was she drunk also when that happened? If she was also drunk, she would definitely use that as an excuse for her actions


      • SpudMe
        SpudMe commented
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        She did not mention that her friend was drunk. Maybe she likes her.

      • LeilaBee
        LeilaBee commented
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        They were all drinking so all of them might have been drunk.

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      Are you sure that she kissed you and didn't just dreamed about it?


      • notpickygirl
        notpickygirl commented
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        Why do you think that she might have just dreamed of it?

      • DorothyStyles
        DorothyStyles commented
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        notpickygirl When we are drunk, we could not remember properly if something happened in real life or if was just a dream.

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      Could it be that something else happened? Was it really just a kiss?


      • Jasmine45
        Jasmine45 commented
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        Nothing else I guess? I think she's aware of the things that have been going on.

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      When you say history then details should be known but you said that you passed out so you did not know what happened after the kiss. It looks contradictory to me.


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        How drunk were you that you didn't even tried to make her stop


        • LazieDaizy
          LazieDaizy commented
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          She was so drunk that she said she passed out after the kiss. Too bad, she did not feel the next things after the kiss. LOL.

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        Was it just a kiss? Or was there something more? You said that you were so drunk. How could you remember the kiss when you were so drunk?


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          What do you think happened next after you passed out?


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            Fuck me hard baby!