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Hello from Minnesota

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  • Hello from Minnesota

    Hi all,

    Thanks for having me here. Hopefully there are other Minnesota folks on here too 😀

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum. Love to talk to you.


    • HypoLuxe
      HypoLuxe commented
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      Why not send him a message first.

    • ClitEastwood
      ClitEastwood commented
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      I want to wait for him to message me first. lol

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    Are you looking California and feeling Minnesota? Sorry, just wanted to paraphrase the lyrics of Outshined


    • Marian45
      Marian45 commented
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      How long have you been a fan of Soundgarden?

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    Hmm, are you looking for a lady here to hook up with or you just wanted to gain friends?


    • habbit98
      habbit98 commented
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      He might be looking for both

    • fineass12
      fineass12 commented
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      If you are interested, you should message him.

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    I am not from Minnesota but I hope we can be friends. Just hit me up if you want someone to talk to.


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    I like to be your friend if that's what you're after. message me.


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      Hey, there are some fine ladies here, man. Just pick one. Lol


      • Twiggy
        Twiggy commented
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        I thought that you told him just pick you lmao

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      Sorry ladies and gents, I totally forgot about this site lol.


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        Sorry all, I totally forgot about this post. I'm glad I got responses though 😁


        • SpudMe
          SpudMe commented
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          Welcome back!! lol

        • LazieDaizy
          LazieDaizy commented
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          So what have you been up to since the last time you logged in?

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        Not much, just work hah.


        • ItsyBetsy
          ItsyBetsy commented
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          When are you planning to show up here again?