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  • When Do We Stop?

    When it comes to sex, what's the most number of times that you've done it in a weekend? Mine was around 15 times. We started doing it Friday evening until Sunday morning.

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    The most that I've done with a guy was around 8 times (I think) in a single day. Let's just say that the guy that I was with was really horny for me.


    • Freeza12
      Freeza12 commented
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      Wow! I was hoping that he will run dry on that day and I bet his dick is so satisfied and it soars on the next day lol.

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    I can't remember it but in a single day, my record will be 3 times with the same guy because we keep on experimenting that day.


    • Orlea32
      Orlea32 commented
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      How long did each session last? Just hope that it lasted more than 30 minutes.

    • fineass12
      fineass12 commented
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      I actually broke your record and I have done it 6 times with two different guys.

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    Did the two of you spent the entire weekend just doing this: eat, sex, sleep repeat. And how sure was your pussy when the weekend was over?


    • DorothyStyles
      DorothyStyles commented
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      I think both of them are sex addicts, I don't count how much I did but two or three sex a week is fine with me.

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    It was around 8 times in the span of 12 hours. We did it twice before we went to sleep, then he woke me up in the middle of the night by playing my pussy and we ended up doing it three times before going back to sleep. Done it again when we woke up and twice in the shower. He was the horniest boyfriends that I've ever had.


    • Amyyy34
      Amyyy34 commented
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      Was he the type who can easily get his dick hard that's why the two of you were able to do it 8 times?

    • Locrea4
      Locrea4 commented
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      Yeah, the only secret is to seduce him with foreplays. He will fuck you like there's no tomorrow.

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    It was the time that we started doing it in the morning and evening. It lasted I think for 6 days, almost a week and we had it 12 times as I said one in the morning and one in the evening trying different bed positions and it's the best week of my life.


    • Manthara34
      Manthara34 commented
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      What was the best sex position that both of you had tried? Mine was the golden arch.

    • habbit98
      habbit98 commented
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      So did you try all the sex positions that both of you know? What is the best one for you?

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    I think that it was around 6 or 7 times? He would often start by coming behind my back nibbling my ear.


    • Samanthy009
      Samanthy009 commented
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      Sounds like you're the type who gets easily turned on and knew the spots that would make you wet.

    • notpickygirl
      notpickygirl commented
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      Was it on a day? Because I think it's hard to last 6 or 7 times a day.

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    Since we are on lockdown right now. Me and my partner started it on the first day of the Month and so far we ended and done it 12 times. We can't really do anything and had sex when we're feeling it.


    • JairaTR
      JairaTR commented
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      Are you talking about doing it 12 times in a single day or you've been stuck indoors for 12 days and have done it once a day?

    • Janeth445
      Janeth445 commented
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      JairaTR I feel that she's talking about at least once a day

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    It was probably around 10 times and got two partners and those were my fuck buddies during my teenage year and remember those guys having a mullet and can't forget about them.


    • NotAlone
      NotAlone commented
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      Are they part of a gang that's why all the men you've hook up has funny mullets? LMFAO

    • LeilaBee
      LeilaBee commented
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      Were the two of them taking turns fucking you that weekend? Also if they were two guys the three of you should have least done it more than ten times.

    • HeyMan
      HeyMan commented
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      Was expecting that it would be twice the number that you mentioned considering that you're with two guys.

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    It was more than 15 times for me. I think I recorded it to be 20 times. Who knows maybe someone will break it since we are all forced to stay at home.


    • SpudMe
      SpudMe commented
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      How sore was your pussy once the two of you were done fucking? And was cum still coming out of his dick or was it already blood? lol

    • BigPoppa
      BigPoppa commented
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      Sounds like the two of you were only fucking the entire weekend and are you sure that it was still cum that comes out of him once you've done it more than ten times?

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    Over the weekend I think I only have six and it's the time when me and my boyfriend had moved with each other and we don't really like having frequent sex.


    • Susanna23
      Susanna23 commented
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      If I were in your position, the two of us might have fucked like horny teenagers during the first month that we started living together.